CV / Resume posting tips.

Useful information for posting your CV(Resume).

CV(Resume) Posting Tips


•   Short sentences are easy to scan, especially given many recruiters have just 10 seconds to read it.

•   Use standard typefaces such as Arial, 11 or 12 points.

•   Check and re-check spelling in your resume / CV Text. .

•   Ensure your personal details are printed by all printers ? not in the header/footer.

•   Dates and employment should be easily found and consistent in resume.

•   Lead with achievements, use active verbs and positive language.

•   Follow up all claims with proven examples, be quantitative as well as qualitative.

•   Use email addresses where referees are abroad.

•   Include awards or recognition received for work well done, together with professional memberships and relevant training.

•   Keep your CV honest and factual.

•   Ensure every line sells you at your best.

•   Prioritise relevant content in your resume.

•   Focus on what you have to offer the employer rather than listing what you have done.

•   Ask trusted colleagues and friends if this is an accurate representation of you.

Do not

•   Date your CV.

•   Put your irrelevant personal details first i.e date of birth and nationality.

•   Mention Salaries.

•   It is not necessary to put reason for leaving.

•   Include negative or irrelevant information.

•   Lie.

•   Use Reverse Chronological format if you have many gaps between employment.

•   Put education first if its 10 years out of date.

•   List every employer if you have been working.

•   Allocate the same space to all positions, prioritise the content.

•   Quote unsubstantiated superlatives.

•   Modify your CV for every application unless you have a foolproof method of remembering to whom you sent which edition.

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